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Nature Center Trails

Yokuts Trail

This grove is a natural oak woodland. It is located in the San Joaquin Valley which has a Mediterranean climate. One can expect cool, wet (green) winters and hot, dry (brown) summers. No smoking, pets, or bicycles are allowed on the trails. Please do not pick any flowers or plants or handle any of the animals you may find on your walk.

Yokuts Trail

The Yokuts Trail is a handicapped accessible trail through a portion of the  nature preserve. While on your walk, you can see native plants and animals such as wild Geranium, Elderberry, Scrub Jays or Kestrels.

This trail is .4 miles long.

Miwok Trail

Miwok Nature Trail

The Miwok Trail is another trail through the nature preserve with oaks dating back centuries. Native plants and animals can be found in this preserve, such as Coyote Bush, Salt Bush, Western Fence Lizards, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Acorn Woodpeckers.

This trail is 1.8 miles long.